Lately I've done a lot of thinking and understanding about how I motivate myself. Or don't as I fear is the major factor. Through work we've had the opportunity lately for some workshops to discover what motivates us, and how we set goals. This of course, flows on into our personal life goals and ambitions as well.

Not only have we looked at how we are motivated but also our values.

Now this won't be a surprise to many but one of my top five values is tradition (it isn't my top value though). Actually one value stands out amongst the others - Universalism. For these particular workshops this equates to having an understanding, appreciation, tolerance and protection for the welfare of all people and for nature.

Then the next three values-

tradition- respect, commitment and acceptance of the customs and ideas provided by traditional culture or religionbenevolence - preserving and enhancing the welfare of those with whom you are in frequent personal contact (family an…


My dad is in hospital down in Geelong and I've become quite used to travelling back and forwards. And of course, when someone is in hospital, you tend to go to visit, then travel back home. You may have a spot of lunch or a cuppa somewhere while there but the reason you are a couple of hours away from home is to visit said sick/ ill person.

Last weekend I travelled down with my sister, her hubby and daughter (so much better to travel with others than a solo drive) For an hour before we visited Dad, we played tourist.

Now Geelong is no stranger, we lived there for a couple of years when I was a tween (grade six to year 8 or thereabouts).

But walking along the waterfront, even in the cold grey day, dodging showers as best we could...was just what we needed.

I just adore the Baywalk Bollards. We didn't walk past all of them, over 100 I hear, but we managed to stroll past quite a few.

Just loved their quirky characters...

and how they capture Geelong's history.

Adored the Pie…


We recently celebrated a milestone, the first birthday of our gorgeous grand baby.

It's amazing how quickly this time has gone. Honestly it just feels like last month we had Little Miss for the week, taking her to school, picking her up, visiting Mum, Dad and bubs in hospital each night.  But no, a huge amount of time has gone by.

And of course in that time there has been a lot of firsts. Let's face it, for babies, there is nothing else but firsts.

First smiles, first beginnings of speech. First time they roll over by themselves.

First introduction to books and songs. First cuddles. First discover of their fingers and toes and other bits in between (just on nappy change time)

First outfits...

and first Christmases. Learning to crawl, to taste, those first tentative steps. So many discoveries...the world is simply amazing.

And even though it has felt like all of this happened a second a go, it was really over one whole year.

12 months

4 seasons

52 weeks

365 days

8760 hours.



Yes, it's that time of the year when we all stop mid stride and wonder where the HELL THE YEAR HAS GONE. Surely it can't be July already. What happened to March? I do vaguely remember Easter but did May just slip by unnoticed? It has happened yet again, half a year gone when no one was paying attention.

To those that are deadly serious about meeting deadlines and reaching goals (or are forced to reconsider them at a writing retreat) this is the time of year when we look at our goals for the year and ponder on what has happened.

Interesting fact, my goals for this year went AWOL. They have to be somewhere, let's face it, I was a good girl and put some down. However, with the tidynessmess chaos that is my desk, they have disappeared amongst the pile of crap  stuff that waits my attention.

I did write some more whilst on retreat and looking back on them I'm amazed I've got so far through the year without really doing much.

But now is NOT the time to beat ourselves up…


Last weekend I went away with my writing group for a retreat. And after all the preparation I had done in readiness (see last post), I was more than eager to get there and get thinking.

Every time I go away with this group of writers, I am amazed at how little  much I achieve. Usually I do a lot of walking. After all, isn't that meant to help the creative cogs churn? Some may call it procrastination but I call it 'clearing the head'.

Most retreats I do a LOT of 'clearing the head.' But as I was so prepared this time, I actually got a lot done.

You may notice pad and pen at the ready. And if you zoom in it actually says 'we solve the world's problems, one sip at a time.'

Not that there was a lot of drinking done...

This was at a lovely restaurant where we went to help celebrate two milestone birthdays. The food divine...and afterwards a nice 'clearing the head' along the pier.

It wasn't all sunshine and clear skies....there was some grey ski…


What to pack when heading off for a writing retreat.


There is nothing worse than being so involved in your work that hours pass and you pause to find your fingers curled into talons, your back needs to be crunched and your stomach growling for food because you have happened to have missed breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In truth, this has NEVER happened to me but...I believe for some people, it can, may, and does occur. So when going away, it is always great to have a selection of easy meals and snacks. Healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts, rice cakes and hummus.


I mean you have to take your major WIP (work in progress) with you...why else are you going away with a bunch of fellow writers? Surely, some say, you could work on said piece at home. Alone. Or with assorted children/ grandchildren/ pets/ siblings/ parents/ spouses surrounding you. (AS IF)

Writing, surely, is easy. Sit down and do it....this is often said by those that don't really…