This year has been a bit of a doozy. A lot of obstacles have popped up, some avoidable (accepting bigger work load and more hours)..some unavoidable (death of family member). So without me noticing it, March has arrived. Summer is gone and we have autumn, and not a lot of writing has been done.

But here we are and I'm determined to get myself organised and on focus. I have made a goal sheet for 2018, which is a great start. It only has two things on it but heh, they are two BIG things and hopefully  I intend to get them done.

 Last night I attended my YA / Children's writing group. What an inspirational group! Just when I needed a pick up, a kick up the pants (please supply any number of cliches) I was reminded of what can be achieved with lots of hard work.

Fellow member Pauline  is about to launch her second book in her Cinnamon Stevens series.

There will be a launch at Belgrave Library, Tuesday 10th April 2pm.  Copies can be purchased at the launch, through Pauline's s…


This has been my third Relay for Life , and once again not only was I amazed at the sense of community but it was a very bitter sweet time for me.

Last year Dad had a white luminaria bag, as a survivor. This year his was a memorial luminaria bag.

Honestly there is nothing so touching as walking past all these lit bags. Each one in memory of someone, either someone gone or someone surviving.

It's an amazing experience....and a great bonding one.

Once again, the Mobile Bookworms stormed away.

This photo is of those at the end of the relay. Most had been walking for hours and hours. This year we had over 40 members, some came with their children, some came with their spouses. Everyone walked. Our amazing leader, Fay, walked over 40 laps. Over 32 kilometres...well deserved cup of tea and hot bath waiting for her that night!

As I walked, my thoughts turned to Dad. Of his random visits to see us when Kate was working in Melbourne. How he would always take home lemons, and return them t…


My father recently died and the funeral was on Monday. His death was not unexpected, he fought a long battle with cancer, yet even though we knew it was expected, we are never ready to say goodbye.

But we did.

It was a lovely service, with all four children, twelve grand children (and one great grand child) attending.

One of my brothers did a reading, as did my daughter. And I did the eulogy.
This was one of the most difficult things I have ever written. I did one for my brother-in-law, but I was one of several who shared memories, stories and thoughts.

Here, I was one voice, trying to capture the shared memories of four children.

I must admit it took quite a few days to write.

So many memories that I couldn't include....I would have spoken for hours otherwise. But I did my best to attempt to sum him up. His hobbies and interests...the way he was.

I wanted my family to be proud of the final piece of writing. To be able to say, yes that was him. You captured him.

Honestly, I have…

20, 078 days .....

I've just had a birthday. Not one of those big ones that end in a zero, although this did end in a 5 so half way to a big zero one. And although I know exactly how old I am, and some days I really feel that old or even older, other days and I swear I have the mind of a teenager.

Looking at it mathematically...I have lived for over 20 000 days. I have had roughly 28, 908,000 minutes. And frankly a lot have been wasted  misused perhaps.

However I have lived in interesting times. The year I was born JFK was assassinated (don't remember a thing about it).  I was 6 when man walked on the moon (ditto about not remembering seeing it). In those days not everyone had a television...and those that did saw everything in black and white.

I grew up watching Mr Squiggle, Adventure Island, Bellbird and Homicide.

Colour TV wasn't in Australia till 1975...and once again...not everyone could afford a colour TV.

We grew up eating Kraft cheese that came in a big blue summer we lov…


It just so happens that Library Lovers Day falls on another loving day...Valentines. And while we all know, constantly bombarded by visions of giving our loved ones flowers, chocolates and jewellery, why we are MEANT to celebrate love and all it's fuzzy redness....Library Lovers Day quietly sails by with few folks celebrating.

But for some of us, it's a very special day.

And of course there are so many reasons to love your library. Firstly it's FREE.
Yep, free. Nothing, nada, nil, no cost. Libraries are also inclusive. We don't care what religion or gender or nationality you are, we don't care if you are rich or poor, literate or not. We merely welcome you all.

Libraries are also vital community hubs. We help to build communities, people connect and meet there, it's a great place to catch up. 
And we have so many activities...FREE.
There are book clubs and craft groups, conversation clubs and writing groups. We have speakers and author talks,  cheese making an…


I am writing my first story involving a world I really don't know or understand...YET. I write about people, they are what intrigue and interest me, the setting has usually been the here and now. Sometimes I have gone back in time but usually to a time or place I remember. Or I can remember someone talking about. Verbal social history is a great way to understand the past.

Creating a dystopian world(which literally means a community or society that is undesirable or frightening) is very new to me. It leads to a lot of questions.

I mean I get to build it, create it from scratch...and the first decision is how different or close to NOW is it going to be?

I have an idea of my characters...but everything else is mostly in the ether. Everything from what they eat to the transport they use, where they live, what education (if any) do they have...even down to what they wear.

Will it be like The Handmaid's Tale, specified outfits denoting who they are...or would it be like The Hunger…


I've decided (after handing in my novel MS to a cold reader) to keep busy. Well relatively busy. I could spend the time fretting over whether I've wasted a few years and thousands of words on a piece that no one likes or gets or sees any merit in it....or I could do something constructive.

So out comes the junior novel of which I have a first chapter. This novel is very different to what I normally write. The idea came during one of those sleepless 3 am journeys. And of course as we all know, everything that makes sense at 3 am is usually pure gibberish in the cold light of day.

Yet I like the notion behind the story. I have no idea where the story is going, what will happen. As we all know I'm a pantser not a planner. But I decided to have a go at brainstorming.

I settled down with a huge piece of paper and began to write words...phrases. Trying to put down some key ideas, concepts. Really, I was looking for anything.

Aided by my faithful companion...well George... I beg…