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Alas and alack my two weeks of leave have gone. Frankly I'm wondering where they went. I'm sure I didn't relax for two weeks, I would have known.

But I did get to meander to the countryside...

spent some time at home

spent quite a bit of time in the garden

Even got a spell of babysitting with the grand daughters

I did very little writing.
Well no, I did work a lot of my adult WIP...redrafting and editing. Added about 3000 so far as I've gone through.
Wrote a few poems.
But I must have been thinking, and pondering, and wondering.
Because in the last few days of my break I began playing with an idea. Before I knew it I had a story at the tip of my fingers. I managed to write down about 3000 words in a spurt before I took a break.
And then...then...another idea came about. This was during a sleepless night. Usually I sleep like the proverbial dead. I read for a bit, then head hits pillow and it's good night. But lately, due to old age and hormonal chaos I'm not s…


Week one of holidays and I've done bugger all. Well, actually that is a bit of a misleading statement. I have accomplished a few things. Some planned, some not so planned.

I did plan zooming up to my sister's for a few days.

I find it a great place to simply relax. Mainly because my phone doesn't work there. I have no internet, no facebook, no messages. Nothing.

If I need to contact home or someone I can use her house phone I really need to?

My sister has a menagerie. There are cats...a pony...alpacas... dogs...chickens...and a stray duckling that wandered in while the guys were jackhammering.

I go up there to spend time with the folks (and animals). Sometimes I take lots of books and plan to read, this time I took my camera and mooched around and took photos.

I walked a bit...

 did a bit of art work in my sister's studio

had a discussion whilst walking the dogs to school- if the world was dying and you could save 10% of the human population...who would you s…


Yep I'm on holiday. For two weeks. Two lovely, wish I had put in for more, weeks. No, we are not going anywhere. Not this time. And surprisingly for me, I don't have a lot planned.

It has been a hectic past few weeks. Lots of Tinies and Storytimes and kinder visits and Halloween shows....there has been new libraries to meet... if near Narre Warren you must check out Bunjil Place! AMAZING.

Reading nooks to try out....

There has been Charlie Chaplin capers for a friend's 50th...

we even began a saga about the mystery of the meandering moustache....

There has even been a tad of culture

Much Ado about Nothing at the pop up globe...AMAZING.

With this lovely lady. 
So I'm a tad tired.  And in my wisdom have decided to simply take it easy. I do have some things pencilled in the diary...getting my back seen service cut on Friday. But for once I don't have a huge TO DO list as is my want.

Not saying I don't have plans.
Lightly pencilled in,…


On Saturday I got to see one of the reigning, if not THE king of shock rock. Alice Cooper. Not my first concert of his, I think his third (or perhaps fourth). And I must admit, a few of us did wonder could he still deliver a great show.

The answer was HELL YES!

Nearly 70, he still manages to give it his all. Perhaps not quite as much quick movements, a more controlled stroll across the stage...and maybe some of those high notes on some of his songs were not quite hit...but...he delivered a show that had the audience screaming for more.

Age is one of those things we can't avoid. It's a natural progression..and the alternative is very real and harsh. Death.

So to avoid the above mentioned death, we must age. For a lot of us it is quite traumatic. Some birthdays are easier than others. We zoom through then all of a sudden we are hitting 40 and wondering what the hell happened. Then we hit 50 and are shocked.

Where have the years gone? What have I done with them? Have I left doin…


Most of you know I do like my fact I like anyone's garden. So when I venture off to ooh and aahh over other's works of greenery art, I happily snap away. Only to return home with a lot of photos and a desire to change, add or construct in my own plot.

It has taken me a long time to finally realise that although I admire, love and covet what others have and how they's not always for me.

I go and admire something like this.

My potting area is a shambles and our deck looks like this...

With a few more pots... actually a lot more pots on it.

I fell in LOVE with this awesome!

and I have this..

Actually I do have another dragon who is AWESOME...and a dragon pot!   yet so different.

I fell in love with the creative way this gardener set out their planting...

Mine are in an assorted tumble of pots on the deck.
Now it has taken a long time for me to understand that while I totally admire and love what a lot of people are's just no…


During the school holidays, amongst the balloons and bubbles, the puppet storytime and wrapping kids up as mummies...I ran a black out poetry workshop. My first.

It was such fun and it left me amazed at how imaginative and creative kids can be.

A very excited group arrived, and interestingly none of them had created black out poetry before. A few had written poetry and one little girl (our ages were 9 plus) had quickly written a poem that morning as she thought that would be needed.
I quickly gave an explanation, and showed them examples.
We talked of finding an anchor...that one word that would be your starting point. And how to then scour the page for words that could be tied in.

We worked on an example on the board...showing how words can be in the same wavelength.

LOVE ---They offered up chocolate, boys, friends, kiss, coffee, family, dog etc

Or how words can be opposite and create something interesting---they gave me denial, hate, pain, hurt.

For a lot of them the hardest part w…


Last weekend I had the great opportunity to attend a workshop with Kate Cuthbert from Escape Publishing. 

She was a great speaker, full of information and eager to share her knowledge.

She got us thinking about our works in progress, and then she made us write about our characters.

Now, at the moment, I'm working away on my novel. I'm on second draft but have just done a major time shift, and rejigged scenes etc but after this workshop I realised I know nothing about my characters.

Paper cutouts...shadowy figures that do what I want them to do. (Mind you, every now and then, one or more of them do tend to go a bit wild and apparently do whatever they please).

The more exercises we did, the more I came to realise, how much more work I need to do on my characters. Not necessarily for what they do in the book, but for what they do out of the book.

Interestingly I thought I knew my characters...but when Kate asked some in-depth questions, not necessarily to me, but to others in t…