Last weekend and daughter and I headed off for another musical (our last in this year's series). We saw Aladdin. The scenery and costumes were amazing...totally stunning. Driving home with 'Friend like Me' going through my head, and staying with me for DAYS. But all worth while, we really enjoyed the show and it was a blast from the past.

At times like this I really think I should be concentrating more on my writing for children. For a variety of reasons. I read a lot of children's writing, I work a lot with children and adults finding the right book for a child....and I have yet to grow up.

I mean I do love to dress up...

whether I'm a slytherin...or...
a rabbit for Easter.

Face painted and fairy wings ready to roll at work...

Growing up, or lack of growing up, I feel helps a lot when working with kids. It keeps everything fresh and new and exciting. Hopefully it keeps you in contact with what kids want to do, to read or to enjoy.

Unfortunately most of us can't be a Peter Pan day in, day out. We have to adult at times, even when we don't really want to.

Sometimes I feel I need a T-shirt that says 'Don't want to adult and you can't make me!'

I strongly feel that you have to know what kids are reading now, what they want to read, and more importantly what they DON'T to write well for children. Although this does lead us to the question who picks books for children?

For young children it is usually adults. When they get to a certain age though, then personal choice comes into it..but before all is up to the publishers. They are the ones that pick and choose, determine what will be published. What they FEEL will do well, or be the next big thing.

(frankly at times I'm lost for words when new titles come into the library and I just know that no child will pick it up...and then these are the books that after five years have only been borrowed a few times and we have to make way for more...whole other story!)

Growing up of course has it's advantages. Being young at heart has even more.

So if you excuse me, I have a teddy bear to get ready for tomorrow's Storytime. Some cow pjs and bunny slippers to pack...and perhaps a story or two to read.



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